Wisconsin Bill Would Allow Parents of an Adult Child to Sue for Medical Error

Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin State Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd (D-Milwaukee) is drafting a bill that would allow parents to sue if an adult child up to age 27 dies as the result of medical error.
Wisconsin law currently bans parents of adult children from suing for medical liability if their adult child dies. State law also prevents adult children—even those who are still dependents—from suing for liability if a parent dies as the result of medical error.

Harris Dodd's bill is a trimmed-down version of legislation that she brought last year and that the lobby for plaintiff lawyers has been pushing for since 2000. Earlier versions would have allowed adult children to sue if a parent died because of medical liability and also called for allowing parents of children of any age to sue for liability in death cases. However, Harris Dodd acknowledges this is an uphill battle. Republicans control the Assembly and state Senate.